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. >> america cannot determine the future of egypt. that's a task for the egyptian people. we don't take sides with any particular party or political figure. i know it's tempting inside of egypt to blame the united states or the west or some other outside actor for what's gone wrong. we've been blamed by supporters of morsi, we've been blamed by the other side as if we are supporters of morsi. that kind of approach will do nothing to help egyptians achieve the future that they deserve. >> reporter: and, thomas, while we are waiting for reaction to come in, i suspect part of what you'll hear are some lawmakers making the point this doesn't go far enough. we know senator john mccain has been consistently calling on the united states to pull back and to end the $1.3 billion in military aid that it sends to egypt every year. there are some democrats that have gotten on board with that as well. representative keith ellieson making that same point yesterday. bipartisan calls for the united states to take a much tougher stance of president obama continuing to get updated on the situation in egypt whi
learning when you look at the number of tech schools. just the sheer number. is that the case in america when you look at us compared to other industrialized countries? >> that debate goes on a lot. there's something sort of aspirational about the idea of college, about the fulfillment of the american dream. especially when you talk about, you know, parents or grandparents who didn't go to college who didn't have the opportunity. the pride they take in being able to watch their kids and grand kids be eligible for it, be able to do it. and you're right, i don't think that's something that the president's going to bring up today. the other thing here too, i think, sure, there's the issue here, has to go through republicans in congress, who knows if that's going to happen. but it's a step more removed from that. this is a philosophical moment for the president. republicans are out there in the town halls back in the districts, what are we hearing from that? a shutdown, debt ceiling fight, we want to get rid of obama care and this is obama saying while they're having that conferring, this is
and syria, america has to take a much more clever role. >> we'll get the latest from the white house. but that is not the only pressure on the president. >> i think now is the single best time to stop obama care. >> stop talking about impeachment. let's have a legitimate debate. let's fight his policies. let's try to appeal obama care. >> gop leaders are split on the push for impeachment as the opposition to defund obama care continues in earnest. >>> and later -- >> if a church is off limits, if the sanctuary of god is not off limits, if people are so malice and mean-spirited, what has become of our nation. >> retracing the steps of the civil rights movement, and confronting some of the ghosts which still haunt the city of birmingham today. we'll get to those stories in just a moment. >>> we start, though, with that developing news in syria at this hour. new information from washington, and the international community. allegations about the chemical weapons attack by the assad regime. i'm joined by nbc's ayman mohieldin. and kirsten at the white house. >> reporter: they've reached a
, of course, britain is america's biggest ally, so it's hard toss the u.s. would take an action without britain. also there's mounting pressure from members of congress. house speak john boehner sending a her to the president saying what do you want to accomplish with military action? so the momentum seems to have slowed, with the discussion behind the scene focusing on what would the legal justification be. >> we want to move on to richard engel. he's in ankara turkey. so what is the next move if the u.s. is to strike? so what is the next move if this does go forward? >> well, it really depends on if it goes forward and what exactly happens. the red cross today said it doesn't support an escalation that will only make a horrible humanitarian situation even worse. turkey absolutely wants military action to be taken against bashar al assad. he's making states like where is the world's humanity? how can they war crimes go unpunished? but his voice is not one we're hearing in unanimity. egypt has set it doesn't support, the arab league says it's not for military action. the u.n. wants to c
america to participate in this commemoration. >> i am going to defer to melissa on this one. your daughter is here. what does it mean? >> it means everything. my father and his twin brother were here 21 years old and stood here 50 years ago. i talked to my father and uncle yesterday and the first question they said to me is will your daughter be there? her being here allows a completion of enter generational pathway of struggle and i talked about it on msnbc before, that i was raised with the belief, a simple belief, that the struggle continues, that you do not have all the answers, you are picking up the struggle from before and passing it forward. >> i think we're at a unique time in history because we have a black president who wants to connect and has connected continually with young people and as we move from this march, i have always been one in the news business to say what does this mean? where do we go from here? president obama now is positioned to pick up the torch and carry what martin luther king advocated for and believed in and fought for, and because now we really have a ne
to the ea complete. there are on the national mall our president whose story reflects the promise of america will help us honor the man who inspired millions to redeem that promise. president bush refers to the promise of america that is reflected in president obama. when we think about that, how significant does that weigh on this presidency that basically barack obama really personifies, comes to life as the dream of mlk? >> good for george w. bush. i thought it was a nice statement. i'm not going to question that. but to say this. at least back in 1939 when marion anderson had to sing here, "my country 'tis of thee" rather than the constitution hall they said the reason because she was black. at least they were honest back then. today in american politics you have donald trump who hangs around with mitt romney talking about the president being an illegal immigrant. you have people talking about nullification of the law of the land. you got people talking impeachment like coburn and ted cruz out there. they never say their problem with obama is that he is black but look at the pattern. the
to middle america about what is still an issue for our country? >> i mean, i think he did the job that he does. he sort of walks a very fine line. i mean, his left hand was moving. i like to think his right hand hand was down below holding the anger. he has to walk a fine line because he is president of all of america and he know he is speaking to black people at the moment and trying to bet get our backs. >> you hope one hand is down nch clenched because he is trying to not to express that kind of anger, do you really think that the president has that kind of anger, that he hides from us? the fact that he sees this as a situation where it is something to get p.o.'d about? it is something to stand up and talk about. if so, he is doing a good job of hiding it. >> well, president obama is a great middle of the roeder. i think -- i think he does have to have that anger inside of him. he said trayvon could have been me. there is no way you could say that and not have the anger inside of you at that moment. >> a lot of commending how jay leno approached this. this wasn't a softball moment. the
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to strike syria, he could end up doing it without congress and without america's steadfast a y ally. 8 in 10 said president obama should get congressional approval before any military strike. and some lawmakers say the president hasn't made the case. >> the constitution is very explicit on this. when you go to war, congress must authorize this. both the president and the vice president, once upon a time, before they became in power, understood this. >> the brsh aren't comiitish ar. headlines "the daily news." david cameron's stunning decision not to join the strike after a no vote by his parliament. >> have you spoken to president obama yet? have you apologized to him? >> i haven't spoken to him since the vote on the debate but i expect to speak to him the next day or so. i don't think it's a question of having to apologize. i think it's question to -- >> you didn't deliver, did you? >> the white house is expected to release its own declassified evidence on chemical attacks in syria as soon as today. secretary of state john kerry who visited the white house late this morning helping to
the safest big city in america. >> the notion the nypd engages in racial profiling is simply wrecklessly untrue. >> a federal judge disagreed. the federal judge rules new york city's stop-and-frisk policy is unconstitutional. that judge orders an overhaul. the city is fighting back. what's next? >> i want you to have this. this is really a gift from my brother so i want you to have this and use it how you want. >> and the brother's last wish. the man traveling coast to coast giving away hundreds of dollars tloo unsuspecting folks. it's today's big idea. we'll get to all those stories in just a moment, but we start on the saturday afternoon in egypt. one of the few countries in the middle east dubbed america's friend for decades now stands on the brink of a civil war. its relationship with the united states is in question. its chances for peace are grim. after 72 hours of violence and bloodshed in egypt we are keeping a live eye on a mosque. a mosque in cairo where supporters of the ousted muslim brotherhood have been holed up. the egyptian military is using bullets and tear gas to pry th
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of ways going to be a vote on america's role in the world moving forward. no? >> that's right. should america play the world's police officer, right? are we the ones in charge of deciding when an international law is broken, like assad did with the chemical weapons, since there is no other country willing to step up, is this the role of the united states? it's the role the united states believes it has been playing for some 60 years. the question now is there does seem to be a war fatigue because of iraq 20 years ago, and 20 years ago it was because of vietnam, but is that going to make this congress hesitant? i think in the house it's going to be close, and i assume in the senate they will have an easier hurdle, and in the house is where it will be hard and tricky work to do, and last night i had a conversation last night to national security officials who were admitting, the issue with congress, they were pooh poohing it with congress. government funding, immigration, debt sealing, and alienating them to syria would have made it that much harder on the agenda. >> richard engel is st
of the united states of america. >> the conservative family leadership summit ended yesterday in iowa after party leaders all took the stage. donald trump, who was once again considering his own presidential bid, was also there in iowa. this is what he said about the 2012 election. >> i like mitt romney personally. i think he's a very good guy. i don't know what the hell happened with his campaign. i just don't get it. that was an election that couldn't have been lost. it couldn't have been lost. >> donald trump in iowa. let's get right to the brain trust. goldie taylor, and the managing editor of the goldie taylor project. and also an msnbc contributor and political editor for the grio. and the daily caller writes for u.s. news and world report. good to have all of you with us on a sunday afternoon. goldie, the fallout from the nsa leaks by edward snowden, cancellation of talks with russia's president vladimir putin. it has put u.s. relations with russia under a microscope. senator john mccain said this morning that be russia has no interest in maintaining a good relationship with the unit
for what will be a pivotal race in america's history, in america's history. and that is about getting everyone excited now about what i hope will be that moment in 2017 when we get to say, madam president, to hillary rodham clinton. >> do you buy that? >> thomas you know me pretty well. you know i'm not a huge fan of maureen dowd on politics. i think the excitement that hillary clinton has generated on her own if anything being associated with bill clinton and the politics of the '90s hurt her when it came to the democratic primary last time around. i think as you saw with the event in iowa with claire mccaskill a general excitement about a woman president and specifically hillary clinton who is very committed to those issues. >> she has not made a decision one way or another but leaves us guessing. i want to switch to this topic. harry reid getting backlash for the comments he made and a lot of republican pushback on this from an interesting character who is asking for an apology. but take a listen to what had he to say first. >> we have been now seven months into this second term of
to be. and right now america gives about $1.5 billion a year in aid to cairo, $1.3 billion of that is military aid. and that's the kind of thing that obama could be seriously rethinking, and saying, you know, what are we getting for that money, is it in our interests, in the interests of the egyptian people. >> christine, the president's hands, are they tied? or are they not? are there options that are available to the president that we have not been talking about over the past few days? >> craig, egypt is a very important ally to the united states, which is why the president is hesitating in cutting off further economic aid. most of the military aid for this fiscal year has already been given to egypt. there are four f-16s that haven't been delivered, maybe some helicopters. but egypt is a strong strategic partner. we have flyovers over egypt that maintains stability in the region. the suez canal is important to egypt. but coming after the -- our experience in russia, with snowden, and putin thumbing their nose at the united states, i think there are some people concerned
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that they are not as decimated as one would say and that they do have the influence to be able to control what america is doing? >> throughout the world in moments of hostility, we have taken various actions to protect our diplomatic core. that is expected and that is important. certainly al qaeda has not gone away. they exist in planning in small cells and they are going to continue to plot violence against america. we have to stay on a high level of alert. >> sir, i want to switch topics. i know you've been in the news lately when it comes to the introduction of legislation that you have coming up in september after the recess and it targets russia's law that bans promoting lbgt relationships in public and this is a nonbinding resolution from you to ask russia those who travel to the olympic games in 2014 in sochi will not experience that type of discrimination. we have 83 different members of congress who just sent a letter urging john kerry to protect the lgbt athletes in these games. do you have enough support in washington to provide legislation with any real teeth? >> i certainly hope so. we haven't pai
it is the obstructionism in the house and senate that's driving the rest of america crazy or whether it's shutting down political debate, the question for me is are republicans like reince priebus interested in the democratic process or are they interested in trying to achieve some kind of oh political hegemeny that serves them? >> it work it is refs and not the players. i want to focus on the players now. there could be an emerging star for the gop. we have new numbers out about 2016. we'll start with hillary clinton. heifer he numbers are big in new hampshire. 62%. joe biden with 8%. deval patrick at 5. cory booker at 2% and andrew cuomo at 1%. if hillary clinton were to declare this is a shoe-in at this point. she's not said boo about which way she's thinking. >> that's true. it is a unique set of circumstances. hillary clinton is a powerhouse with no real rival since eisenhower in terms of people getting ready to run. if she runs it will be difficult to even compete with her on any level. if she doesn't the field is wide open. >> let's talk about the emerging star on the right. when it comes to the
voice in the world, but the reason that doesn't happen in america is because we are very familiar with oprah's face and with oprah's brand. abroad she is just another woman of color. so it is typical of oprah to share an authentic true organic experience. it's expected of her to share what took place. but that could happen to oprah anywhere in the world where they aren't familiar with a black woman who walks in underdressed and looking to purchase a 40 thousand dollar handbag. i wasn't surprised to see her share her truth. that is the oprah brand, her entire brand has been built on oprah telling the truth of every struggle she's had and it didn't surprise me. i'm actually happy she did it. >> you point out she is a singular and very powerful voice planet and domestically has a huge voice. according to the center for response of politics the only campaigns that oprah has donated to in the past two decades was president obama's and recently hold ago fund-raiser for cory booker who won last night's democratic nomination for new jersey senate to replace frank lautenberg. it's been est
disproportionately in minority communities and, unfortunately, it's in big cities throughout america. >> coming up during -- during that show trayvon martin's mom spoke out against stop and frisk. >> it's all about laws and i think you have to give not only civilians but you have to give the police officers the right direction. you can't give people the authority, whether it's vil civilians or police officers the right to stop somebody because of the color of their skin. >> in the next hour they will announce the largest seizure of guns in the city's history. they will face tough questions over their decision to appeal the judge's ruling against stop and frisk. join me live is the naacp president ben jealous. stop and frisk is a highly hot and controversial issue. trayvon martin case. i want to play a bit more of what the commissioner had to say on "meet the press." especially in reference directly to trayvon martin and that case to stop and frisk. take a listen. >> i understand the sensitivity of it. people -- i've dealt with this in many community meetings -- it's something that is -- very impor
of america's civil rights heroes. elected leaders, civil rights activists and martin luther king jr.'s son will come together to pay tribute to the march on washington. the 50th anniversary coincides with the summer boiling with racial tension, including outrage over the acquittal in the killing of a black teenager, a major setback for the voting rights act in the supreme court, and laws that threaten to institutalize racial profiling. issues that beg the question, just how far has america come in realizing a dream? on wednesday, the official anniversary of the march, president obama will speak at the foot of the lincoln memorial, and in the shadow of dr. king. he'll need to not just commemorate the legacy of the movement but also challenge the nation to write the next chapter, as we did two years ago at the dedication of dr. king's memorial. >> we can't be discouraged by what is, we've got to keep pushing for what ought to be. the america we ought to leave to our children, mindful that the hardships we face are nothing compared to those dr. king and his fellow marchers faced 50 years ago
for america america's passtime? >> according to a yankee fan like myself, if you look at him last year pb he was always off on the playoffs except '09. it is an embarrassment because it dragged on for so long. if they were going to suspend him, it should have been two months ago. when ron brawn was suspended. now if it is appealed, it gets more dragged out. >> is an embarrassment but all sports need to be cleaned up. people watch the nfl and different sports across the country. the head of the anti- -- the world anti-doping league statement came out with a statement yesterday, former head who founded it. said that american baseball for years has been in denial. so i think hernandez's problem is they now have him allegedly for obstruction. they will have a penalty harder. he sees the $36 million he will lose the next two years if he is suspend et to 2014. but some would say sell selig is coming down harder because of his legacy. >> buy your tickets, you you may not see a-rod. >> who cares about a-rod. >> thank you all for being here. rachel from "politico." and christine need meyer from the s
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on the streets of america every single day. >> reporter: zimmerman's brother tweeted monday night this picture was also part of the trial and so was the inability to retreat while mounted and pummeled. zimmerman's lawyer mark o'mara. >> we never argued stand your ground in the trial and the prosecution never mentioned it in their prosecution. this was and always was a traditional self-defense case. >> reporter: since the acquittal, trayvon martin's mother is an activist on "meet the press" just this past week. >> we are in it for the long hall. >> reporter: asked about the video on monday a spokesman said it was too emotional for sybrina fulton to talk about. those fighting for gun rights say the video is emotional and that is why they acknowledge it may be effective. >> i think most americans can see through this and see the political agenda in the video. it's pretty clear they don't want to stop gun violence. they want to stop firearms, period. they want to stop our freedoms. >> reporter: in the wake of george zimmerman's acquittal, the florida's sheriff association asked its members if they
a way of life in america that they've never known, a time when hundreds of thousands marched on washington for jobs and freedom and martin luther king jr. rallied the nation to change peaceful. >> we will conduct our struggle on the high claim of dignity and wisdom. we must not allow our creative protests to generate into physical violence. >> reporter: 50 years later dr. king's i have a dream speech resonates with these kids and it forms the bulk of what they know about him. even though they don't know him, they still have strong opinions about the man and his legacy. on restraint. >> he was a nonviolent leader and that took a lot out of him. to be physically hit and touched and not to react and i don't think i would be able to do that. >> i would want to know how he could take all that punishment and all the anger people took out on him and how he could keep going. >> reporter: on why dr. king is important. >> i never experienced a racial incident, you know? i've never been through that. >> he made it possible for me to go through a privileged school. >> reporter: on equali
pushing to make high-quality preschool available for every four-year-old in america it's time for the minimum wage to go up. (cheers) but i won't be able to do it alone, so i'm going to be calling... on all of us to take up this cause. good jobs; a better bargain for the middle class... and the folks who are working to get into the middle class; an economy that grows from the middle-out. that's what we need. (cheers) >>> you took 11 years of my life away. and i have got it back. i spent 11 years in hell. now your hell is just beginning. >> that was michelle knight, just one of the three incredibly resilient kidnapping survivors who suffered a decade of torment and sexual assault of aerial castro, this man. yesterday we got a first look at the prison michelle knight and amanda berry and gerrgina dejesus endured. that was just the beginning. joining me is a clinical psychiatrist and specializes in working with victims of ptsd. for the victims who have given survivor impact statement, they know how hard it is because of the perpetrator being just feet away from you at that time.
to celebrating this milestone in history, but also on the modern day role that race discussions in america currently stand in? >> thomas, as we all know, the president has been very carefully parsed in his opportunities that he takes. when it's time to address sort of the civil rights legacy and martin luther king, jr. legalsy he hasn't shied from that. i think he'll jump in as he usually does and plunges into that part of it. the broader race discussion is something he has avoided most of his time in office. more recently he has shown a willingness to what in and saw that it the george zimmerman verdict with the trayvon marpt shootin martin shooting. i think on wednesday they will be looking for the president to weigh in more clearly on issues of race. i think no matter what, though, this speech of his is going to be girted under voting rights. protected under voting rights. i think he'll lay out a clear call that his doj is going to make these cases against voting rights the centerpiece of this administration's view on race and their position on race when you talk about legacy. >> ryan,
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